intercooler temperature calculator
intercooler temperature calculator, front mount intercooler wrx

Intercoolers are used to reduce the charge temperature before it enters the engine. This calculator provides the temperature of the air as it exits the turbo and the temperature after the intercooler.

ambient temperaturethe air temperature entering the turbo
boostthe amount of boost that the turbo is generating
thermal efficiencythe thermal efficiency of the turbo at the boost pressure (see compressor map for the turbo in use)
intercooler efficiencythe efficiency of the intercooler. Typically front mount air-air intercoolers are around the 60-85% efficiency range, air-water can be around 90-95% (sometimes higher depending on ice). Dry ice if you want to go batter in a drag racing situation and are prepared for the higher running costs.
temperature at outletthe temperature of the charge air exiting the turbo
after intercooler
the temperature of the charge air after the intercooler
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