quarter mile calculator
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Our quarter mile calculator provides the elapsed time (seconds) and trap speed (mph) based on the flywheel horsepower and weight of the vehicle. For the 60 foot, 330 foot and 660 foot incremental as well use our quarter mile calculator with incremental.

All 1/4 mile calculations are based on formulae derived from real world applications and should be viewed as the target time/speed based on the information provided. There are many other variables in your vehicle setup that may effect these predictions. Whilst calculators are great, there is no substitute for real world testing and improvement.


**check out our calculator with incremental

flywheel horsepowerhorsepower available at the flywheel
weighttotal ready to run weight of vehicle including driver
elapsed time (ET)time to run the full length of the quarter mile
speedtrap speed at the end of the quarter mile
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