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Welcome to We have put together some of the best automotive racing calculators into one site to allow you to plan and bench test your vehicle. The calculators on our site can be used for drag racing, circuit racing, speedway, hill climb, salt lake. That’s right, basically anything with an engine.

Quarter mile: Our quarter mile calculators provide a good way to model vehicle performance before you build. We also have a calculator that lets you model changes in horsepower. Want to get a faster elapsed time, model it first on racingcalcs.

Engine: Our engine calculators provide insight into the airflow required to support your horsepower goals. We have some handy compression ratio and cubic inch calculators as well.


Forced induction: Our calculators provide the answers to the amount of boost required to achieve your horsepower targets. We also cover the heat generated by boost and the cooling provided by an inter-cooler.

Weather: Being able to predict engine performance based on the weather is vital for tuning and predicting run times. Have a look at our Density Altitude calculator as it takes the environmental conditions and provides the Density Altitude above sea level. Shortly we will add correction factors as well that will provide run predictions.

Other: Useful for more than just motorsport our speed distance time calculators are great for working out average speed given the known distance and time. Of course we also cover time knowing distance and speed.

Convert: We have also included some unit conversions commonly used in motorsport.

Contact: Please have a wander around, we will be regularly adding new calculators. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. If you have a great calculation that we have not covered yet then please contact us through our contact page.

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